Saturday, July 27 2002
HUGE amount of NEW! Artwork in artwork gallery...!!!

Sunday, July 21 2002
Artwork gallery updated...

Sunday, July 14 2002

The guestbook is finally up...I'm at the moment kinda busy working and also finishing up my new artwork on Oviraptor...look forward for more new stuff weeks from now...

- what's the event for today...well both me and Zedd are goin out to the local museum to catch up "Ghost Exhibition"...eeeeeeiii seramnya...seramnya...

Saturday, July 13 2002
Blah...Happy Birthday to the webmaster ; Zeddie...bila nak belanja aku wei???

Monday, July 1 2002

Just added couple of new artwork ... i'll be adding more stuff within this week ... regards J.R

Sunday, June 30 2002
i'm done bugging zeddie to make my website! .. at last here is the beta version of the design .. . i do'nt know what to call it . .so i call it J.R's dawn of times .. some of the artwork featured here are mixed up of my old and also new there ya go ... and enjoy my website ... im done ... regards J.R